Studio & home of Spectrum 13

Grown since the initial side project status for Hasan (dHUA) Author & Researcher. Who first came to surface apart of usephasan, then releasing a slew of albums under Bil Basmala and Autolect, before establishing acklan. A Bil Basmala Production and special projects imprint for PER Music Library

Advisors /Acklan Wundah Blauh EP

Released on Sep 11 2020. Cat No: SIR 001 Label: Sub-Industry (Recordings) Genre: BEAT ART / BREAKBEAT / ELECTRO.


Released May 5 2021. Cat No: SIR002/AUD55  Label: Sub-Industry (Recordings) Genre: BEAT ART / INSTRUMENTAL / ELECTRO / ANALOG. Featuring the ambient minimal single 'Gently'.

Date: 2020 / Client: Sub-Industry Recordings, Spectrum 13 / Role: Engineer, Technician / URL: / Tags: acklan, mastering, mix, music, recording, spectrum 13, studio /