1998-2000 recordings by the self-professed “Native Tongue Baby” Usephasan AKA Autolect, AKA Bil Basmala and NKA dHUA, after his 94 tape-only debut as Scientifical RU . Extremely rare, music sold during shows & a handful of specialized hip hop stores back in the days ...Pure Underground hip hop for fans of Living Legends / Project Blowed , The Nonce or just quality underground hip hop.

Usephasan ‎- Chemistry Teraqueous - 1998 NewHarvest ‎– Direq Req Inc.

The 06-song EP entitled "Chemistry Teraqueous (" was released by the California-based emcee Usephasan (alias Chamelion) on REQUIRED/NewHarvest in 1998. The project was produced by Pomo of Blend Crafters, Scientifical RU (aka Usephasan, better known under the names of Autolect or Bil Basmala nowadays), and Greg F.

"Prior to pressing the vinyl Pomo & Hasan shopped the demo. A deal with Correct Records in Beverly Hills, Ca. was on the table but rejected due to the structure of the deal. Afterwards Hasan decided to independently press the vinyl via Bill Smith in El Segundo California. He met up with Beni B of the Bay Area Hip-Hop Coalition (BAHHC) and started reaching spins, orders shortly thereafter. From LA to the Bay this release represents a clear divergents from commercial rap to Independent Hip-Hop merging from Northern California to Worldwide acceptance." ~Hasan

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